Dear Web User: Please Upgrade Your Browser

I am no wonder a big fan of Smashing Magazine. So as usual today when I was going through it, I got to read this article on upgrading browser by Louis Lazaris. Being a UI developer, I know what a big pain it is making websites which work and functions properly in the old browsers specially Internet Explorer. A huge amount of time is consumed and wasted in making sites functional for this particular browser.

So, dear web users, it is my humble request to all of you who are using such vintage browsers, please please read this article and upgrade your browser so that we can help in making the web a better place.

Happy upgrading!! 😀

Hello Monday!

Today, as I am writing this post, I can clearly hear the wind blowing so melancholy outside my office.. It’s a cloudy day here in Bangalore and it might rain soon.. The awesome greenery and the different colorful blooming flowers is adding to its beauty. The aura has changed into such divine and paradisal place to live in! What else can I ask for? Weekend is gone.. and so has the loads of household works which needed to be done.. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Waiting For The Rain Photo courtesy: Prakash Bajracharya

Goodbye weekend, we made good memories!
Hello Monday.

My Vintage Wallpapers

Just some good old memories of my year 2009 smashingmagazine published wallpapers (Smashing magazine is one of the best online magazines which delivers useful and innovative information to web designers and developers). I was still learning photoshop at that time and was always eager to try the new brushes, effects and online tutorials. And all those lead to the creation of these wallpapers… Looking at them now, after three years, I feel it to be a little weird…but then this is how it all started 🙂 Here is the list:

The Demonic Divas
The Demonic Divas

Happy Friendship Month
Happy Friendship Month

Darkness with Rays of Light
Darkness With Rays Of Light

Glamour Girls
Glamour Girls

Photoshop Tutorials

Its been a long time since I wrote any tutorial for any site. My first photoshop tutorial got published in . And the tutorials were really successful ones. I am so glad so many people liked it and could benefit from it. So, here are the two photoshop tutorial links you might like to see in case you haven’t. 🙂 Please click on the images to go to the respective tutorials.

Floral Text and Butterflies Wallpaper:

Floral Text and Butterflies Wallpaper

Create a Lollipop Girl in Photoshop:

Create a Lollipop Girl in Photoshop

Folks, enjoy the tutorial and please do comment.. 🙂

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