Why Gulmohar Doodles?

Why Gulmohar Doodles?

Why Gulmohar Doodles?

Yes! This was a question asked to me frequently when I announced the name of my blog. Often I was suggested to change ‘gulmohar’ to roses, lilly, lavender etc which was more popular and fancier. Reason: Gulmohar is not a popular or favorite flower. Blessed souls, they didn’t know what I was thinking about…

The flower ‘gulmohar’ is very close to my heart. I remember the summers of my childhood, that tree with rich and vibrant flowers always attracted me a lot! Fiery red against the contrasting green backdrop used to fill me with happiness and loads of energy. Those summer evenings were divine and unforgettable. When the sun got ready for its usual nap my heart was looking forward for the magic to unfurl. Yes, the ground under my foot turned into a bright and fiery red sea with dashes of golden yellow all around due to the rays from heaven.  There I was…playing for hours under the beautiful tree! That was the time when I had dreamt about many things that I want to do in life… that was the place which fuelled my thoughts for wants in my life. My favorite tree to draw was not to mention, gulmohar. Lolz! I have tried so hard to capture the beauty of such mesmerizing beauty! Playing and dreaming under this tree brought the artist out in me who was slumbering for a long time. Back then I didn’t know that art is such a vast field…. but things happened and I graduated with flying colors in a degree in multimedia and animation. Thanks to everyone who helped me in fulfilling my dream. So, here I am… working as a UI Developer. 7 years have passed and I have walked on the paths of being a graphic designer, e-learning course maker, 3D modeller, visual FX generator.. and the list goes on.

Now that’s first part of the story, the Gulmohar story. The other part ‘doodle’ was given because I started doodling at a very young age (3 years old). I loved scribbling and making different things on paper, wall, floors. Possibly every place I saw empty and could draw upon. Until now most of my notebooks are doodled in one way or another. It is such a good way to use your free time. And so creative too… Oh! how I love doing that… So, since I wanted to start my own blog, I discussed with my husband about my idea and likes. I told him that this blog is gonna be what I think and what I want to share with others (in one word my doodles). And this was one of the names suggested by him and luckily it suits my blog so well! Thanks a lot my love to help me in my dreams come true 🙂 … So readers, Welcome to Gulmohar Doodles!

P.S. In India this flower derieves its name from ‘Gul’ which means flower and ‘Mohr’ which means peacock, which in a way compares its brilliant colors to those of the peacock.

Welcome to Gulmohar Doodles!

Wee, my first blog post! I’m very excited and very glad that I finally found the time to set up and start working on my personal  blog! What an exciting adventure about to begin! I can’t believe I’m actually starting to write about whatever inspires me, tutorials (my own or others), recipes I crave and die for and so many other things. I’ve been encouraged for so long to do so! Whoa!! Here I am… the blogger world!

I was always a lover of words, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write my first ever blog post…and here it is! When I first properly started on Twitter, it soon became an addiction, so it remains to be seen whether blogging will follow a similar path. I always have a lot to say when I think about writing a blog, but then I sit down to do it and my mind goes blank. Hopefully, I will have lots of time to jot down most of my thoughts and ideas and doodles here. Who would have thought that I would turn into a blogger? Yes, I have entered the Blog world!! Watch this space people 🙂

P.S.: Readers, all the posts I am gonna write here are my own and I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings or it isn’t meant to demean someone or their thoughts. Posts written here are just a kind gesture to bring some happiness in others as well as my life.

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