My little sunshine, love, life, happiness, moments, daughter, joy, firefly, butterfly, Puneeta Prakash, Gulmohar Doodles,Gulmohar Doodles

My little sunflower has started to bloom and I fear my greatest fear has loomed
Those tiny fingers which held me tightly most of the time, has left and started to tinkle like a chime
I wonder and can not fathom still, when did you become so big?
Did the time really fly or it passed across me in just a flick?

O my dear little baby, I still remember the day I held you up in my arms for the very first time,
I promised myself to be with you always, singing, dancing, eating, playing or just mime
But everyday is a question, something to worry about, I feel lost, doubt myself and get frustrated,
then I see you looking at me giving that angelic smile, and your those tiny fluffy palms gently caressing me my love, makes me feel appreciated.

Each day in every moment, I have felt alive, moments which I have cherished knowing you are mine,
You are the burning lamp of my life, a soothing flame who keeps me high
My heart tries to hold all the love and aches from those feelings which I can no more hide in my chest,
I flutter with the thought of you my heart, growing so fast and soon leaving me wondering about the times gone by

Everyday I struggle to give you the best, to make you feel loved, cared and to be blessed,
And when the day comes to an end, the day I know which I will never have with you back again,
I take you once more in my arms, hug you tight, blow a kiss on your pretty cheek and wonder
If at all I was able to love you enough today or failed at it doing meagre complain?

My little sunshine, love, life, happiness, moments, daughter, joy, firefly, butterfly, Puneeta Prakash, Gulmohar Doodles,Gulmohar Doodles

You my tiny firefly, you are turning now into a beautiful butterfly,
And I can’t stop thinking and want the time to just stand by
Could you please pass a bit slow and let me see my princess for a few seconds more?
That angelic face, that mischievous smile, those curly hair, the tiny fingers which I love to adore?

Oh my love, the lamp of my life, thank you for choosing me above any other,
You have made me complete and I can not ask for anything more than being your mother
As long as you are there on my side my baby, I promise you, I will try to give you my best,
Here you are my darling, clinging to me, sleeping soundly trying to hold your tiny nest,
the chaos in this very moment is so real, I wonder how did the day get over or it just passed in a haste?

It had been exhausting, but I know in the end, “How”, “Why”, “When”, these questions won’t matter,
All we will have is laughter, peace, solace, and the aroma of the first rains which will splatter.
In those happy moments, I will once again embrace you in my arms tighter, hold my breath and say,
I love you my butterfly. You did great today!

-Gulomhar Doodles

— My Little Sunflower

Oh Sunshine!

Sunshine, soothing, generous, golden beams of the sunlight, Hope, Moments, Love, Daughter, Feelings, Life, Puneeta Prakash, Gulmohar Doodles,Balakrishnan K

I stood in my balcony soaking the soothing, generous, golden beams of the sunlight,
Trying to rejoice a moment which has come back to me after many sleepless nights
A moment which I can call aloud as my own, a moment where I could be known.

The golden rays falling on my dusky skin, seems to create a whimsical effect,
I wonder how long will it last till the haunting will come back and not affect?
It is quarter past three and I take a sip of my butter tea,
I fathom of my long gone free spirit and what I didn’t want to be.

The thinking never stops and neither do the numerous worries roaring in my tiny heart like the angry tide,
The hurling of feelings which I can not hide and then the tons of emotions taking me on a ride

I try to dust off my soul, breathe, let go and think of starting anew again; The glimpse of hope lying somewhere there in my heart sparks, asking me to not let the well of hope dry and wait for the rain

Amidst all my thoughts, I hear a meek sound; “Mamaa”, with a smile and a dimple so profound
Those soft, silky, tiny curls swirling on the angelic face, attracts my attention unknowingly trying to be happy in this phase

Sunshine, soothing, generous, golden beams of the sunlight, Hope, Moments, Love, Daughter, Feelings, Life, Puneeta Prakash, Gulmohar Doodles,Balakrishnan K

I see my reflection in you, the tiny sparkling stars in your eyes reminds me of my past
I love you so much I’ll never be able to tell you; Probably I’m too frightened to tell you thinking it might not last.
Tell me just tell me that you will love me the same for I know that starting is easy and continuing is hard; I can always feel your heart and your every smile gives me a reasons not to depart

I hardly know myself, who am I? Am I a soul so tired, withered, falling hopeless, crumbling to pieces, drifting away far little by little, numb and dry?
Tell me, tell me my love, your tiny fingers will hold me and hold me tight, you will make me blossom again by forbidding me not to cry

Oh my little firefly, could you please promise me that those sparks in your eyes will keep my lamp lighting,
You will be there as my mighty armour, standing tall, rigid, unmoved, in-front of my inner demons, fighting.
I want a promise which will not break, a promise with no more heartaches…

– Gulmohar Doodles

Here I find myself, holding you again my love, love, motherhood, baby, daughter, sleepless nights, tiredness, motherBalakrishnan K

Here I find myself, holding you again my love…
singing songs, tucking you in the bed for the fourteenth time,
My eyes are drooping with the sleep I couldn’t have since some nights now,
my head pains and my back aches and I struggle to stand wondering how!

You make a disapproving sound and wave your beautiful curly hair,
oh my little love… I love the way you say “ummm” to care
You refuse to let go of me, clinging to my sweaty chest,
those tiny fingers trying to hold her tiny nest

The day is coming to an end and here I am thinking in pain,
Did I love you enough today or failed at it miserably again?
I go over the details, the highs and the lows,
and I wonder if you were made to wear the love bow?

I get lonely, frustrated and insecure sometimes,
I overthink and then get sad and don’t know why?
There are times when I go mad and say things…
Forgive me my angel for I am a new mom and I do try…

The laundry has to be washed, the over-piled kitchen sink needs to be clean
my dirty hair cries for a rinse and the messy house teases me not to be mean
But here I am holding you again my love,
looking at your tiny hand which is feather light
resting on my face like a star shining bright…

Long gone are the days when I took a happy shower,
admired myself in the mirror, dressed well and smelled like a flower
I am tired beyond all measures, but no,
I will hold you once again and rock you slowly back and forth
rest your head on my chest my love as you fall asleep in my arms

Let me hold you tight my dove before a new day begin,
this day which I’ll never get to have with you again…
Goodnight my princess, the apple of my eye…
for I know these days will be soon gone bye
before I know it will be time to bid goodbye…

– The new Mamaa
(Gulmohar Doodles)

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