Happy Deepavali and Yummy Food Memoirs :)

Happy Diwali everyone!! Ahem, as the world knows, I am such a busy-Indian-lady and that gives me an excuse to wish everyone a day later 😉 The endless rituals which comes along with these festivals have kept me busy like a bee. But that doesn’t scare me and I love following all these customs and rituals. Following them makes me feel connected to my roots, I feel lots happier, content and enlightened. These festivals bring so much love, joy, peace and warmth in the family that even the slogging seems worth it! Isn’t it? 🙂

This year me and my husband couldn’t go to celebrate Diwali at home and he was very sad about it. Dear husband would be missing the yummy snacks and food my mother-in-law prepares on the festivals. Neverthless, I prepared my own set of food and tried to make him happy, the good wife as I am 🙂

Happy Diwali

All, the kneading, whipping, chopping, sweating, excitement and hours of my super hard work in the kitchen, came out in the form of happiness and loads of tasty food!! Thank God, I could erase some of the saddness from hubby’s face. Yummy food can do real wonders in a man’s life. Isn’t there a saying that the path to a man’s heart goes through his stomach… I know now what that means 😉

Our Deepavali was great. How was yours? I hope you too had a safe and happy Deepavali 🙂 🙂

Eat Tulsi, Because Ma Says It… :)

Recently I went to meet a friend of mine who has a five year old son. Unfortunately, the poor soul was suffering from bad cough. On top of this, my friend told me that he frequently gets cough and cold. I remember, that when I was a kid and whenever me or anyone else in the family use to get cough, ma used to give us a warm mixture of “sudh desi ghee, crushed pepper and some sugar”. And this always acted as the “Ram Baan” for all our cough problems! Also, after the daily puja, she use to hand over a few leaves of tulsi patta (holy basil leaves) to everyone in the family. I remember her saying that eating tulsi patta everyday increases memory power, prevents cough, cold, malaria and lots of other common dieses. And this small daily care and routine did miracles. I barely remember getting fever, cough or cold as a kid.  And even if I did, drinking a hot steaming cup of tulsi, ginger and pepper chai over the cough syrups and a few leaves of tulsi took care of everything 🙂

Tulsi, the miraculous plant

There were days, when ma would tell me the stories of the time I was there in her womb and the lady doctor asked her to eat lots of bananas for iron instead of drinking iron tonics for the development of the kid’s strong bones. She ended up eating lots of them as everyone was concerned at that time for her and me. I remember her saying that when she went to meet the doctor in the seventh month of her pregnancy, the lady doc asked her to stop all the iron suppliments. As, the iron consistency was really high in her body and it could have caused bone stiffness in my body! But the good thing is only because my mom ate lots of iron at that time, I have got really strong bones 😀

Back at home in Jharkhand, everything is natural. Most of the families still believe in the ayurveda power more than any chemically produced medicine. You will often hear ladies sharing “the home remedies”. Applying few drops of honey or crushed marigold leaves juices on the cuts and bruishes, planting mint, tulsi and marigold flowers to ward off mosquitos, massaging a painful leg with warm mustard oil with some garlic pods, applying some haldi, dahi and besan instead of expensive face packs, using a paste of amla, reetha and shikakai instead of shampoo and the list goes on and on…

Ayurvedic medicines are really helpful. And the best part is it doesn’t give you any side effects. No wonder, lots of celebrities are getting back to mother nature. And they swear on home remedies like using besan for their skin instead of chemicals, drinking warm water with lemon and honey to keep their body in shape and skin glowing. I am so thankful to my mother and gradmother for teaching me the importance of all these things right from my childhood. I have seen the miraculous effects they do in our lives. It is always necessary to implant these knowledge right from the beginning so that we believe in these things. We understand that lots of things which we think can be attained only by using chemicals can actually be done the “Ayurvedic Way”.

Ah, all this talks make me homesick. I am quickly gonna go and make myself a hot brewing cup of tulsi tea. Drink and relax 🙂



Memories, Gifts and a New Path to Explore…

Yeah… yeah… I know I had been writing all senti posts recently. But then thats what I have been going through this whole month. You know that things happen when you least expect it to happen and then most of the times it happens for a good reason. Atleast with me… So, what happened to me now??? Well, I left my job after serving in the same company for almost four years. It was obviously not an impromptu decision. It took lots of thinking, belief, support and brain 🙂

So, now some of my intelligent friends will ask that what is the big deal about leaving a comapny? Everyone does sooner or later. Isn’t it? Yes, I know that leaving a company is not a big deal for lots of people but what about the emotions attached with the same?? Staying in a company for a longer duration does give you lots of opportunities to make new friends and memories. Sometimes these friends and memories are good and sometime not. Depends on lots of factors. Well, I am not gonna speak about those factors here in this post today. Back to my story, when I revealed the big secret to my colleagues that I am leaving, there were mixed expressions and emotions from people. The cacophony lead me to think that how come suddenly everyone started loving me so much? Some of them went two steps ahead and shed a tear or two. Some just acted stunned even when they couldn’t hide the happiness volcano erupting inside their stomach! No wonder they had been waiting for this day since months or years together. I was also overwhelmed with some of my colleagues who genuinely felt bad for me leaving. And hey, I am not heartless, I felt bad too leaving the genuine friends of mine :'( That’s the sad part of my story. Now comes the fun part.

Here, I must say that my husband is one creative guy. He has this special talent of making people happy with his small acts of kindness or creativity. And he does it with so much ease. Sometimes, I wonder how does he think and behave smart all the time…!! Tough competition here I say 🙂 So, when we decided that I am gonna put down my papers and the dates were finalized, I started (as usual) bugging him about giving me some ideas how to make my last day in the company memorable. And we came up with the idea of gifting some of the chosen ones with some handmade gifts. I am a bit nitpicky about such things. No wonder I showered him with questions like why should I be giving out gifts on “my last day” in the company??? It should be vice versa… isn’t it?? However, with lots of attempts and failed ideas we froze on this:

Thank You Everyone

I made twelve personalized thank you cards and small cute triangular boxes for the twelve deserving people. It compromised of those who helped me and supported me always and also those who always bitched or backstabbed me. The look on their faces were worth seeing when I handed them their gifts. It was such a moment 🙂 Some were flattered and some were bemused! Totally!! But, the main thing which I wanted was they knew in their heart what they did and how much they deserved getting those gifts.

Last but not the least, I did spread some happiness in others lives and I know that they will remember this small act of thanking if not forever atleast for some time. And that made my day. Isn’t that really blissfull?? Huh… joys and more joys of life 🙂

Stay happy and go do some act of kindness today folks 🙂 🙂

Hey Happiness, Here I Come… :)

There are so many things running in my head to share right now…!! Life has taken such a turn! I am happy as well as sad, I am anxious as well as emotional, I am worried as well as adventorous… Don’t know how it’s gonna go.. But neverthless… I do trust me, I and myself :D.. There is a saying that – “Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it.” So, here I am.. keeping my dreams alive. To achieve anything, it requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. And, “I DO BELIEVE.” Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.

Time plays an important role in almost every decision. And some decisions define your attitude about time… Isn’t it true? Ask yourself today…”Are you happy? Are you really happy?” I am sure that 90% of you would say – “Yes, I am.. But, honestly is it so?? I doubt! I know, people just shrug their shoulders and say – “Yeah! I am happy.. I mean why won’t I be?” But think again… Is it all you wanted from your life? Is this the life you have always wanted or you are just adjusting with the flow? I mean, is it all it can be??? Can’t it get better? Are you honestly happy with every aspect of your life right now?  If not, why? You have every right to be happy. You and you yourself, decide every single day if you are happy or not.  And if you’re not, it’s because you chose not to be… Maybe you didn’t consciously decide to be unhappy but settling for anything less than 100% happy, according to me, is pretty much deciding to be unhappy!! I know, we don’t have control over people or situations that make us unhappy. But the one thing we do have control over is “ourselves”. We are the ones to decide if we are going to be happy or not.  It’s up to us. Isn’t it? Nothing is worth it if you are not happy! Believe me, once you break all the boundaries and look beyond what you have thought is your limit, you will know how much of negativity you were surrounded with and how much more you can do and get!!

Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances. Losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing people change. I know, that not everyone is gonna understand my journey. And I am absolutely fine with it. By all means, it’s not their journey to make sense of. It’s mine 🙂

So what are you doing to make yourself happy today? I made myself some daal, aalu methi and ajwain parathas :).. Ahh, joys of simple food 🙂 :D..

Moong daal, aalu methi and ajwain parathas

Keep reading for more.. and yes, enjoy your Sunday night folks.. Tommorow is a new beginning 🙂


Yes, doing housework is my hobby!

What is a hobby?


  1. An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

defines it as: A hobby is a regularly activity that is done for pleasure, typically, during one’s leisure time. Hobbies can include: the collection of themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, along with many more examples. By continually participating in a particular hobby, one can acquire substantial skill and knowledge in that area.

So, after reading this anyone will ask me – “How can housework be someone’s hobby?” Yeah! I know, painting, cooking, reading, trekking, swimming, gossiping, shopping etc. comes in the hobby list. Housework being a hobby is an unheard term! This is sort of true. But let’s see how it became my “Hobby”.

Being a working woman, and juggling between office and housework is really difficult at times. The floors which needs sweeping and mopping, piles of dishes in the sink telling my Friday night tales, washrooms in need of tremendous scrubbing, clothes which badly needs a good wash, dried, folded and put away and all the other household chores are every women’s weekend horror story! There were days when I use to get really irritated, annoyed and angry seeing the amount of work which awaited in the weekend list to be done. It use to drive me crazy! I would not get up early, to avoid the horrendous work pile. I just didn’t want to face the “weekend work monster”. And then one day, while reading through some magazines and somehow going through a post, I got this wicked idea. Instead of resenting my housework and getting angry about all the household chores, I took a deep breath and said to myself that from now on I will make housework as my hobby!!

Now, some of my friends and relatives told me that it is not necessary to do all these work every weekend just like it is not necessary to paint or swim every weekend. Might be I can distribute my work and can do it in alternative weekends or better hire a maid for doing all these! Simple isn’t it? But, I don’t prefer to do either of these. For me, keeping a clean home, just like going for a swim, trek or shopping, is simply one’s preference on how they choose to live. I like to live in a clean home. Arranged cupboards, the fragrance of washed, dried and cleanly folded clothes, washed dishes and an arranged and clean house makes me peaceful and happier. I can sit on a comfortable chair near my apartment window sipping a cup of hot green tea and it gives me immense pleasure to see all my housework done! Keeping a maid might give me rest from doing the housework chores but at the same time will increase my blood pressure and irritation keeping a track of what the maid is doing and how? The amount of stealing, frequency of taking leaves, lies and untideness they show, leaves me restless. I don’t say all the maids are same, but at the same time I can’t deny the fact that most of them are. Formost, I don’t want to get into the comfort of having a maid after seeing ladies going bonkers when their maid don’t turn up and they have loads of work to do themselves.

Coming to my point again, when you start to dig into your housework and it seems overwhelming or undesirable, just say to yourself “THIS IS MY HOBBY” and believe me, it will make a difference in the way you see your work! It has helped me a lot! And, since I incorporated these pearls of wisdom my entire approach to housework has changed. I am a much happier homemaker than ever before.. 🙂 🙂

Generally a person who engages in an activity solely for fun is called an amateur (or hobbyist), as opposed to a professional who engages in an activity for reward. An amateur may be as skilled as a professional, the principle difference being that a professional receives compensation while an amateur does not. But in my case, the amateur (or hobbyist) is the one who will be rewarded with peace, happiness and the most important factor, a cleaner home!! 😀 😀 Apart from that, since you will start enjoying your work, you will also find different and interesting ways to do and finish chores much faster and in a more efficient way. You will search, explore and learn new ideas about how you can reduce the time for each chore. And I am sure everyone knows that a happy wife is a happy life!! If the lady of the house is happy and peaceful, the whole house will be happy and content 🙂

I wish everyone a very happy weekend. Enjoy well and remember this saying by Richard P. Feynman – “What makes your Heart flutter? Do Only that! There is not enough time for anything else.” 🙂 🙂

Hello MondayPhoto courtesy: Pinterest.com

Stop being so impressed with what other people are doing and get Impressed about Yourself. You have a story that the world wants to hear. Go tell it! ~ Stone Evans

People and their “Why no kids?” drama

“No kids? Oh, you’ll regret it. You’re getting old!”

People like to remind me of the great irony that I am still not a mom or I am still not thinking of having any!!! If you are married and specially lives in a typical Indian society, you probably remember stepping straight from the alter to a bombardment of people asking, “When are you having babies?” The baby question has remarkably become a topic as casual as, “Hey! How are you?” Often at my workplace, general gatherings, parties, formal meetings at home, I get to hear this question. It is a simple, everyday question, the type people ask without thinking!!

The question starts somewhat like this -“So… you’ve been married for a “loooong time” now (even when it is just two years of my marriage) … when should we expect the kids to be coming?? Anytime soon ;)” Always with a wink and a mischievous smile. Most of the times I gasp and swallow hard even when a wave of emotion surge through my body. And when my answer is – “Um, NO. We aren’t planning babies anytime soon!!”, trying and hoping hard that my voice don’t betray me being upset I get to hear a lecture of atleast half an hour! As if they are the moral police roaming around everywhere preaching people to have kids as fast as the very next day of the couple tying the knot!!

Most of the times when the particular persons’ question and the preaching ends, I start thinking about how many times I’ve been put up in this awkward situation, forced into having a deep personal discussion with a stranger about my childless state. “Do you have children?’” seems to be the follow-up to: Hey.. how are you? What do you do? And then the immediate worse situation, when you reply negative!! Soon I get bombarded with questions like “Why not?” or “Are you planning to..?” or “Why did you get married if you don’t want to have kids?” or “My God.. you don’t know it will get really difficult later..” or the classic question with a full stop -“you are getting too old”!!! The implication always being that not having children means there is either something wrong with me or I am some sort of child-hating weirdo!! Most of the times I get to hear the big examples of others like -“See “x” and “y”, they got a kid in exactly nine months! They have done it right. Thats how you should do.” Believe me, I have heard real stupid comments about me not having a kid. The silliest one being – “You keep on playing angry birds late at night right – thats why you are not having kids!!!!!!” It took me 10 seconds to get that!! C’mon people, I don’t want to hear any such fatalism!

Now, I’m too well-brought up to respond – “None of your business” to the “do you have children” and all the other “why no kids” centric questions. So I fudge it. Or I make light of it. I usually smile and say: “Not yet.” It is always seen that distant family members, neighbors and colleagues are the major group of people who are far more interested in any couples’ personal life than the couple or their immediate family members itself. These so called “moral police” have all the remedies and suggestions ready for any problem of this world! They are the ones who are the most bothered about any girl or guy of the house who isn’t married or doesn’t have a kid.

So, why are people so insensitive? According to Rachel Ormrod, co-author of Beyond Childlessness, it’s because they think having children is ‘the norm’. “They don’t think,” she says. “Those with children live in a child-centric world and it seems to be an automatic question. Sometimes, the “do you have children?” question is phrased as: “How many do you have?” which is even worse.”

Parenthood is not a priority for everyone and neither is marriage. Some people would rather like to study, have an awesome career, travel the world or follow other passions in life and then have kids! Choosing to have or when to have or not to have children is an intensely personal decision. Most people, whether single or in relationships, who make this choice have other pursuits and simply don’t have the desire to have children until they think they have achieved what they wanted or are ready to have kids! It shocks me that, despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, people think that since I don’t “have any kids yet” it makes me a heartless, super stupid, immature, cold, or a selfish lady!! My decision when to have a kid is incredibly personal and not up for debate or discussion by anyone. The bottom line is, no matter how a woman comes to her decision about having, not having or when to have a child, isn’t any of your business!!

Here, I would like to take the opportunity and tell people that I really like kids and just having no kids yet doesn’t mean that I will never have any! It is just that I will have them when I would think I am ready to take some extra responsibility in my life. Right now I am just not ready! I don’t want to have a kid and keep on whinging about all the works which comes along it and the extra responsibility associated with it. I don’t even want to hear all those cacophony and blurting that yes I can have loads of time for myself by not having a kid and how you guys have suffered having it so early!

So, people whoever is so much bothered about me not having a kid, please leave me alone and keep your dumb and stupid question to yourself. You will be surely given the news once I choose to enjoy parenthood!!


Rebirth of Gulmohardoodles

Sarhul Photo courtesy: Labella0104 | Pinterest.com

Yes..It’s alive. My blog has come back to life… The rebirth has finally happened!! After nearly 2 months I finally have my blog back!! Trying to sort it out has been frustrating, irritating, miserable and annoying for me. But I’m really happy to say that I stuck with it, though at times I did ask myself whether it was worth doing it, did I really care enough to fix things or should I just wash my hands and walk away like most others??

So, what happened?? My blog suddenly started showing 500 internal server error. It would neither let me sign in nor would display my site…:( It was really frustrating as I wasn’t able to figure out what went wrong suddenly! And the worst part being the blog hosted from a friend’s server.. which made the matters even worse! I had to be totally dependent on him for every try I wanted to give for my blog’s recovery. But nothing worked out. Huh!

By God’s grace and my good luck I guess, I had taken the backup of my files and database which actually proved like a boon to me in getting back my blog functioning back again!! I was so scared, irritated, frustrated and miserable all these days but kept my fingers crossed and kept on trying. There were days when I literally thought I have lost my blog forever. But, then with mine and some of my ‘intelligent friends’ effort it is back again!! And I AM SO VERY PROUD OF IT!!! Thanks everyone who helped me out 🙂 🙂

Those who remember and who used to read my blogs, I used to have an active blog. I know it’s not exciting or glamorous, but backing up your blog is essential to your blog’s health. Think of it as good blogging hygiene! Do back up your files and plan to make it a regular habit. It will mean a lot.. a lot actually and when you will least expect anything happening to your blog!!!

I have learnt in all these days struggle that whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there with open arms and open eyes… all ready to except whatever challenges life throws at me! So, here I come back again!! Keep looking for more posts soon 🙂 🙂

Have a great week ahead friends. Be lighthearted enough that you can float above the dark clouds and see the rainbows in your life. May you be bestowed with more light and happiness 🙂 🙂

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