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Rebirth of Gulmohardoodles

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Yes..It’s alive. My blog has come back to life… The rebirth has finally happened!! After nearly 2 months I finally have my blog back!! Trying to sort it out has been frustrating, irritating, miserable and annoying for me. But I’m really happy to say that I stuck with it, though at times I did ask myself whether it was worth doing it, did I really care enough to fix things or should I just wash my hands and walk away like most others??

So, what happened?? My blog suddenly started showing 500 internal server error. It would neither let me sign in nor would display my site…:( It was really frustrating as I wasn’t able to figure out what went wrong suddenly! And the worst part being the blog hosted from a friend’s server.. which made the matters even worse! I had to be totally dependent on him for every try I wanted to give for my blog’s recovery. But nothing worked out. Huh!

By God’s grace and my good luck I guess, I had taken the backup of my files and database which actually proved like a boon to me in getting back my blog functioning back again!! I was so scared, irritated, frustrated and miserable all these days but kept my fingers crossed and kept on trying. There were days when I literally thought I have lost my blog forever. But, then with mine and some of my ‘intelligent friends’ effort it is back again!! And I AM SO VERY PROUD OF IT!!! Thanks everyone who helped me out 🙂 🙂

Those who remember and who used to read my blogs, I used to have an active blog. I know it’s not exciting or glamorous, but backing up your blog is essential to your blog’s health. Think of it as good blogging hygiene! Do back up your files and plan to make it a regular habit. It will mean a lot.. a lot actually and when you will least expect anything happening to your blog!!!

I have learnt in all these days struggle that whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there with open arms and open eyes… all ready to except whatever challenges life throws at me! So, here I come back again!! Keep looking for more posts soon 🙂 🙂

Have a great week ahead friends. Be lighthearted enough that you can float above the dark clouds and see the rainbows in your life. May you be bestowed with more light and happiness 🙂 🙂

Welcome to Gulmohar Doodles!

Wee, my first blog post! I’m very excited and very glad that I finally found the time to set up and start working on my personal  blog! What an exciting adventure about to begin! I can’t believe I’m actually starting to write about whatever inspires me, tutorials (my own or others), recipes I crave and die for and so many other things. I’ve been encouraged for so long to do so! Whoa!! Here I am… the blogger world!

I was always a lover of words, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write my first ever blog post…and here it is! When I first properly started on Twitter, it soon became an addiction, so it remains to be seen whether blogging will follow a similar path. I always have a lot to say when I think about writing a blog, but then I sit down to do it and my mind goes blank. Hopefully, I will have lots of time to jot down most of my thoughts and ideas and doodles here. Who would have thought that I would turn into a blogger? Yes, I have entered the Blog world!! Watch this space people 🙂

P.S.: Readers, all the posts I am gonna write here are my own and I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings or it isn’t meant to demean someone or their thoughts. Posts written here are just a kind gesture to bring some happiness in others as well as my life.

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