Down the Memory Lane…

It has been raining a lot in Bangalore these days. The weather has become like warm, heartening mother’s love. Summers always bring lots of memories along with itself… doesn’t it? Suddenly the sunrises are early and more golden. The constant rain has brought back the soothing greenery and chirping happy birds everywhere. The Koyals are making these already bright days even more colorful with its constant coo-cooing and fills up the longing hearts. The mouthwatering smell of the ripening mangoes and litchis encompasses my heart and mind with the unimaginable joy… Aren’t summers beautiful?? Well to me, it holds a special place in my heart and will always do.

At home during summers years back, in those sweaty, prickly, hot afternoons when the electricity use to play hide and seek most of the times, we use to be least bothered about anything. The colorful hand decorated “bamboo-pankhas” and different types of lassis and aam-pannas were the only rescue from the hot weather those days. Most of the afternoons would be spent running around and playing with the cousins or sitting in a quiet corner of the house mastering the art of hand embroidery. Ah how I use to love doing those! This summer, I tried my hands back on making some ribbon and stumpwork embroidery. Well, I am happy that atleast I remember to hold my needle properly and make some of these lovelies!

Hand, Ribbon, Stumpwork EmbroideryPhoto courtesy: Balakrishnan K | www.utopianhere.com

I remember that at home Saturday being “Shani” bhagwan’s day, it was a custom to make “Khichdi”. Actually on this particular day, something yellow has to be made and Khichdi being everyone’s favourite gave us the excuse to eat it as a delicacy on every Saturday without fail. There were varieties in which it was cooked. Some days it would be a simple moong daal and rice one and the other days it use to be filled with masalas and seasonal colorful veggies. During Durga Puja, it was made specially with mutton and served as prasad in differnt puja pandaals. Whatever goes in this humble, cozy, heart-warming food, it was always served with it’s five partners. There is a saying in Hindi which goes like this – “Khichdi ke hain paanch yaar – dahi, chokha, papad, ghee, anchar” 🙂 🙂 (Khichdi has got five friends – Curd, Mashed potatoes(chokha), fries, Ghee and pickle). I totally agree with this. I too wouldn’t feel content or call it a khichdi meal without eating it with it’s five partners. It is a must! Even on those afternoons when it rained or the chilling nights of winter, khichdi always stood as a saviour to us. Those days when the heart and stomach wanted something simple and soothing yet hot and happening, each time this humble dish came to our rescue. Till date, whenever it rains and I just want to lazy around yet long for the comfort of home, I make Khichdi. It certainly uplifts my spirit other than contenting my heart, stomach and soul.

Khichdi, Summer, Rain, Comfort FoodPhoto courtesy: Balakrishnan K | www.utopianhere.com

If we see deeply, the joy of life is in the simplest things which gives happiness in their own humble ways. Isn’t that wonderful? I hope everyone enjoys their rest of the week. The weekend is soon to be here 🙂


A trip to home…

Yes, it finally happened! I went to the place I belong to, the place I love for its simplicity, carefree life and the endless unconditional love. Where you shower in blessings, get poured with buckets and buckets of benevolentlove, eat whatever, whenever, however and how much ever your heart desires. Gaining some extra kilos in these trips because of the stupendous welcome is not even a matter to be bothered about 🙂

Whenever I go home, I feel so relaxed. I can just order for anything I want, do whatever I want and can least bother about the stupid deadlines and hours of stressful work. The undaunted attention given to me imbibes my heart and soul with respect, love and a desire to hold that every moment which passes by. They never ask you whether you want a certain item or not. They just give it to you. As if they knew even without you telling them what you need at that very moment. I can go and eat in the five star restaurants but still will die for mom’s hand cooked delicacies. Even a humble roti, subzi tastes lots more delicious than any other food cooked or served in any restaurant. The love, care, affection and food bestowed on us by my parents are unbeatable. I always wonder how do they manage to be so humble, patient and hopeful all the time? How can they never get tired by all the work which comes along with the kids? I hope I will have these values in me someday.

HomecomingPhoto courtesy: Balakrishnan K | www.utopianhere.com

The other thing which mesmerises me is the way all the ladies dress up there. Those perfectly pleated cotton sarees, hair neatly partioned into two and filled with the auspicious blazing red sindoor, hands decorated with heena wearing the sanka-pola and matching glass bangles, the big red bindi, feet beautifully decorated with alta, the glistering silver toerings and the magnificient aura they carry. It is just so beautiful. Back at home, everything is so different. The way people interact, think, care and love each other tells a totally different saga than the usual nip-nucks here in the bigger cities. I love the fact that even when you just bump into anyone’s house unannounced, they serve you with fresh, home cooked delicacies like samosas, nimkis, thekuas, pakoda and what not unlike the usual tea and some packed snacks served in expensive tea sets in the big cities here. As, a kid, I remember whenever we use to go to any auntie’s house, she would get up after five minutes of talking and just rush to the kitchen. My eyes would glitter with the thought of those upcoming mouthwatering, delicious hot samosas being served with tangy tomato and date chutney. Pedas and kheerkadam were my favourite. I was least interested in the gossips and grown-up talks and would give my full attention to the samosas.

With passing time, children visiting their families have become so rare that whenever they come home it is a celebration for everyone. A time for the families to get together, cherish the daughter’s homecoming and gather all the moments of their presence in their heart. There was a time when coming home after years together or for a very short duration meant that the town is inaccessible or several different trains and buses away. The transportation problem has mostly been solved now. The only persisting problems are the deadlines and the leave restrictions. Still, isn’t it true that how much ever far we go away, our hometown, our land always remain closest to our heart. We find solace in these small towns which can’t give you loads of money but is capable of giving all that what money can’t buy!

Part of me always wonder that why all good things and days have to end so fast?? We long for them for so long and then it finally arrives, bringing loads of love, laughter, happiness and care and then within the blink of an eye it gets over! We remain surrounded by the same vaccum, longing and the nonending robotic life. But then as my mom says – “Good things have to end. So that we value what we have in our lives and cherish those moments/days each time they come with more love and enthusiasm.”

Hope everyone is having a great night! Right now I’m listening to the rain hitting the ground outside my room which is so soothing to the ears. I love the summer rain!!

Home is where the heart is…

Of late I had been reading lots and lots of blogs. And somehow without any connection the bad feeling of home sickness has started kicking in deep inside me! The feeling to go back to my roots… the feeling to get back everything which I left and came to explore this materialistic world… I want to go back and get all that love, feeling, happiness, contentment, glory, hope, belief and the most important, peace, in my life back.

HomesickPhoto courtesy: Balakrishnan K | www.utopianhere.com

I have started yearning for everything back at home. I miss and yearn to see the early morning sunlight trying to pierce the dense trees showering the golden dust on everything in its golden perimeter… I miss how the earth looks so joyous, colorful, heavenly and content in that glorious time… I miss the crazy birds, chirping loudly and joyfully outside my window every morning, calling all the gone residents of the city to come back and enjoy the laid back and peaceful life… I miss the different shaped clouds which would form following the amazing scenery when it used to rain… I miss the hailstorms, the cheerful shoutings, the mango flower’s soothing smell… the cuckoo singing… the fireflies spreading tiny sparks of hope in the old wrinkled eyes… I miss the crickets in the shrubs chirping and calling for its love… I miss the smell and the soothing low lights of the kerosene oil lamps and lanterns spreading the aura of love and togetherness… I miss the smell of old books and the numerous stories following it… I yearn to walk on the topsy-turvy roads remembering the good old past childhood days… I miss the clear dark sky full of shattered stars and the moon shining happily in-between them bathing every surrendered soul in its composture and calmness… I miss the most appetizing food cooked with tons and tons of love poured without any adulteration… I miss talking and listening to all the nonsense conversation, laughing over silly jokes, finding and seeing old photographs, meeting old neighbours, relatives and friends who I know care about me… I miss how the smallest of small things give utter joy to kids over there… I miss the dirty, crowded and the congested roads which always led to a friend’s/relative’s house… I miss the divine smell of the incense sticks, camphor and flowers walking on the streets at dawn and dusk… I miss the loud sound of the conch being blown by someone during the morning and evening prayers… I miss the steaming cups of tea in the earthern pots served with so much genrosity… I miss the primroses swaying and dancing in the spring breeze… I miss running, playing and exploring the big old house whose every wall says a different story…

Oh… how I miss… EVERYTHING!

It has been a really long time since I visited my hometown. Something or other always came in the way of me and myself going to the place I love; the place I belong to…. Yes, I know I could and should have gone and have visited my home if I have been feeling so “homesick”. But then, I gave more importance to the materialistic things in my life. Maybe I was wrong but not totally…Sometimes you have to lose something to gain something… Be it for family or yourself! Sometimes you have to just keep aside all the thoughts and work like a machine, do whatever has been told to you and just follow the robotic life you have chosen… But then, it is not going to last long. No, I can’t keep on doing this to my life… I want to live, I want to love, I want to pray and I want to laugh… most of all, I want to embrace and know that I am going to start another day in my life in the place I felt myself to be a part of… it does assure you of happiness that can be found in small yet meaningful things which can’t be brought  to you by million sparkling treasures.

I can’t wait to be back!



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