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A UX consultant by profession and a firefly by heart, I believe that everything ordinary is extraordinary and all the colors, shapes and sounds which surrounds us in everyday life shapes and inspires us in some way or other.

Hello there! I’m Puneeta Prakash living in Bangalore, India and writing a typical blog about my inspirations, thoughts, work and such. I dream about all the things this universe contains and the things which can inspire us. Being a big fan of the digital world, I love beautiful and cool websites with perfect pixels. Playing with my virtual color palette and making usable, functional and beautiful sites are my day to day work.

‘Gulmohar Doodles’ is a creative outlet for me to share what inspires me; my love for pixels, divine food, vintage graphics and other (internet-found) fabulousness. Sometimes I try to give advice that I think would be helpful to someone, other times I ramble on in an attempt at understanding things that are essential for me! It’s my hope that everyone will find inspiration, delight, and comfort in these little doodles I write day by day. Please do leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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